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Gospel Life

Gospel Life classes take place on Sunday mornings, in the 9:00a hour. It's basically a fresh take on Sunday School - except these classes are specifically designed to help you apply the gospel in everyday life.

How does the gospel shape my work? My friendships? My finances? My marriage and parenting? These are the kinds of applications we're seeking in Gospel Life.


Late Fall 2018 classes:


The Discipline of Rest

led by Troy Dueck (Fellowship Hall)

In a restless and weary world, living in the reality of gospel rest can be hard work! In this class, we'll seek to biblically understand and apply the rest that is ours in Christ. Come ready for gracious self-evaluation and intentionality.  


¡Gozo En Cristo!

Enseñada en español por Esteban Crawford (Legacy Room)

La persona de Jesucristo es el vivo gozo del Cristianismo, ya que es solamente en Él que llegamos a disfrutar todo lo que Dios ha hecho por nosotros.