Bad Apple Art
July 8-11th

Bad Apple 2024!

Bad Apple provides a safe and fun environment where children and youth can learn art. Bad Apple promotes exposure, expression, enrichment, and growth. Students learn to use art as a creative outlet. They increase their artistic knowledge, ability, and awareness. This helps students become more well-rounded and comfortable in expressing themselves.
Bad Apple is open to students who have completed Kindergarten through those who have completed 12th grade this academic year. The students are divided K-2nd, 3rd-5th, and 6th-12th grade.

About Bad Apple

Get to know more about what makes Bad Apple so wonderful

What is Bad Apple Art? 
Bad Apple is an art program developed to bring arts into the daily lives of youth. Bad Apple promotes self-expression through the arts, it highlights the value of creativity. We were created to be creative! Bad Apple exposes youth to art and culture allowing them to see beauty in creation, culture, their neighborhood, and in the world. Lastly, Bad Apple promotes growth by allowing art to be a catalyst helping youth process the world around them and their individual experiences, moving beyond with hope and purpose.
Why Bad Apple? 
In a day and age that is screaming express yourself, reinvent yourself, and define yourself, there needs to be some voice of truth. Creativity is a good thing; it is not a crime, we are creative because our Creator is! Bad Apple is a place that allows youth a space to properly harness their creative gifts, grow in experience, in knowledge, in application, and in technique. The arts have their value as well as their place. Bad Apple will help students look at both artistic techniques and the world around them. BAA is designed to bring artistic expression in line with personal experience. We believe when children are well nurtured and invested in their possibilities are endless. “It’s All Fruitful Here!”

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