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SAFEPLACE is our after-school program for kids from 1st through 8th grade. It has been a vital outreach of Edgewater Baptist Church for nearly 20 years. Hundreds of children and families have experienced the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ and His power to transform their lives through the various programs and loving leadership of Safeplace.

This ministry began as an attempt to love those at risk in our community. God has blessed us! This year SAFEPLACE will serve about 40 children and their families.



The Vision of SAFEPLACE is to reconcile and connect our community to Christ. We hope to accomplish this by providing holistic, gospel-oriented programs and by functioning as a bridge for the community to the local church for the purpose of growth and multiplied reconciliation.


Safeplace Programs

Summer Day Camp

Day Camp offers an affordable, creative and safe camp experience where large numbers of children can be exposed to the gospel of Jesus and connect with other SAFEPLACE and Edgewater programs. Day Camp runs 5 weeks in June and July. It is a full-day camp serving over 100 children.

YLI program

YLI (Youth Leadership Initiative) runs during summer day camp. It's a jam-packed 5 weeks of pointing 6th-8th graders to Jesus, incorporating leadership development and team-building. YLI graduates often work as day camp teen staff once they are in high school.


SAFEPLACE after-school program provides affordable and holistic after-school programming in a creative and safe environment for spiritual, academic, emotional, social, and physical development. SAFEPLACE runs during the school year, Monday through Thursday, serving approximately 40 children.



As a ministry of Edgewater Baptist Church, SAFEPLACE is partially funded by the church, but it also depends on the generosity of donors outside of the church. If you are interested in helping to support the work of SAFEPLACE, please contact Victoria Sparkman at